Ronnie Bailey

Education Director for Children and Youth

Phone: 412-828-5770 ext 205

We are pleased to welcome Ronnie Bailey to our church staff to direct our children and youth ministries!

Hi everyone! My name is Ronnie Bailey. I graduated in May 2019 from Malone University with a double major in Bible/Theology and Youth Ministry. I am from East Liverpool, Ohio which is about an hour from Oakmont.

In my free time, I enjoy playing with my cat Lilo and my puppy Eyris, I love to read and expand my knowledge, and I enjoy working out. I am super passionate about The Church and have loved serving it ever since I was a little girl.

My calling is to Partner with The Church and teach children and youth about discovering true freedom in Jesus. I love being able to help guide them in these defining years of their lives.

I would love to get to know each and every one of you! I love talking over coffee, and I learn a little bit more about this journey after every conversation. I am thankful for my years spent in church that have molded so much of my spiritual life, and I hope that I continue learning from the congregation here at Oakmont and also help teach by sharing my experiences and what God has put on my heart.

Watch her interview by Rev. Ewing below:

Ronnie has served at Dueber United Methodist Church, as youth intern; the ​Salvation Army, Canton Citadel Learning Zone Director, and Uniontown United Methodist Church as Youth Ministry Director, with responsibilities to lead and put together a team of volunteers, parents, youth; organized the ministry and various administrative and educational responsibilities.