OAKNOTES-June_July 2024

June 8, 2024 | Posted in Church News, OAKNOTES Newsletters

Dear Friends,

John Muir was one of our country’s most famous naturalists and conservationists and Muir Woods, part of the Golden Gate National Recreational Area, is named in his honor. When Muir was thirty years old, he saw Yosemite for the first time. He fell in love. Every-thing, he wrote, was “glowing with Heaven’s unquenchable enthusiasm. … I tremble with excitement in the dawn of these glorious mountain sublimities, but I can only gaze and wonder.” Watching the sun come up between the mountain peaks and over the rock domes of Yosemite, he proclaimed what he experienced: “Our camp grove fills and thrills with the glorious light. Everything awakens alert and joyful. . . every pulse beats high, every cell life rejoices, the very rocks seem to thrill with life. The whole landscape glows like a human face in a glory of enthusiasm.”
Hopefully you and I feel some of the miracle and thrill of God’s creation,…

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