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We partner with Michael & Rachel Ludwig and their in their ministry in Niger.  


               Michael Ludwig helps pastors and evangelists in the Evangelical Church in the Republic of                   Niger (EERN) raise their proficiency as literacy teachers and familiarize the EERN with the                 Community Health Evangelism that integrates community-based development,   

               evangelism, and discipleship.  His wife, Rachel works in opportunities to serve the church

                and the community as God leads.


We support the work of Dick Villacorte in Peru in his ministry to community children and youth.

Our mission giving and involvement also includes:

      Medical Mission of the PC(USA)

          Supports various medical missions of the Church around the world 

     Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

             The denomination’s response for world wide disasters

     Pittsburgh Presbytery General Mission

     Camp Crestfield   - The Presbytery camp in Slippery Rock

      Presbyterian Senior Care (Oakmont)

      Blessing Board  (Oakmont)

      The work of our Deacons

       OPC Family Ministries

       New & Emerging Opportunities

         Community Care use to respond to the

                       needs of members and friends


The ‘Mission Team’ is seeking to expand our mission awareness and involvement.   Why not join them?


Currently 8.0% of contributions is committed to mission, and are added to other gifts given by members and friends.  


415 Pennsylvania Ave / Oakmont, PA. 15139



Sunday Worship services
begin at 8:30 am and 11:00 am.
In-Person (Masks OPTIONAL at this time) & Live Streamed (11am only!)

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