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Rev. Dr. Steve Wilson is Retiring

Mark your calendar for these events leading up to Dr. Wilson's retirement.


UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Information being updated.


Movie theatres are modern day techno-pulpits; people flock to their local multiplex to let directors and screenwriters influence how they feel, think, and act.  As image-bearers of God (the master storyteller, whose story spans all of creation) we in turn have a yearning to both create and be entertained by stories.  This is evident even within scripture as Jesus teaches in parables.  Holistic lessons are often learned more effectively through narrative than with bullet-point outlines and graphs.


Christians should enjoy and engage film not just as entertainment, but also to engage culture,  and reflect on how it relates to the gospel. Everyone is invited to the OPC Film Discussion Series to view a variety of films, each in its entirety, on a big screen with great sound, followed by exposition and discussion of the film's cinematic and philosophical elements.

Film Series Screenings

Fridays twice a month.

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