Mission Statement & Vision

We unite as the Oakmont Presbyterian Church and affirm that God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit calls us to a dynamic ministry that speaks God’s Word and embodies the divine compassion. We realize that the chief purpose of individuals and of churches is to glorify God. Therefore, in a time when people are over-committed by family, work, and community responsibilities, we commit ourselves to regular worship of God that reconnects us with God and fills us with joy and the zeal of faith. We commit ourselves to develop and sustain a vibrant educational ministry through which we may all grow in our spiritual lives.

We acknowledge that people in our community still suffer and that God reaches out that they might know abundant life. As God’s people have been responsive to the needs of others, we commit ourselves to opening our hearts. We will identify and address the needs of those around us.

As God’s agents of reconciliation, we commit ourselves to being the bridge between God and those around us who are not a part of God’s family. We will develop the skills and events that will make us God’s effective messengers.