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Current Worship Service

World Communion Sunday

October 1, 2023

Prelude @ ~10:55 AM Service @ 11:00 AM


to follow and for music/words and notes.

PLEASE attend in-person, if possible, to experience Christian fellowship, and the service without potential live stream issues.


Click "Worship Services" in the menu bar

and then Live tab to watch any prior service.

Thank you for watching!

Step-by-Step Instructions to View Worship Live Streaming...Read

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October 1st Edition

"Miriam Rejoices"

"As the waters of the Red Sea closed in, the Israelites stood on the far side. They could have been captured. They could have been taken back to Egypt. Now they were safe..."

  • Listen to the entire story here.

  • Read the story, activities, and prayer to enhance the story time with your children - activities pages.

  • Coloring page you can open and print.

Below you can find some related music and/or visuals you can use to help explain the weekly ​story to your children.

Current News


Your Interim team is pleased to announce the end of our search for a gifted OPC Interim Pastor. The Rev Dr. Tim Spring will join us on 10/08/23 and be in place for a year or more leading us with his enthusiasm, strong leadership and his caring nature. 

More details concerning Pastor Tim will take place from the pulpit on 09/17 when he will be introduced to the congregation during both worship services and a reception for him after the 11 service. Let's give Pastor Tim a large OPC Welcome!!  The Interim team thanks all of you for your patience as we diligently conducted our search.



Nick Kokales/Sally Huber Lewis Co-Chairs, Christine Little, James Kinter, David Geis, Chris Hudack and Presbytery advisor Dr. Edwin chr van Driel.

2023 Fall Film Series

Films announced in the new brochure. Next up:

Oct. 6 - Little Boy (2015)

Oct. 20 - Ticket to Paradise (2022)

Open and download brochure



Christian Education will resume September 17.

See also Ministries tab at top.

OAKNOTES - October 2023

Dear Friends,
A writer once penned these words: “We spend eighty percent of our mental energy thinking about the past or future, and only twenty percent thinking about the present.” When I heard those words, I immediately remembered sitting in professor Dale Bowne’s Greek class as a sophomore at Grove City College. Teaching young minds the complexities and idiosyncrasies of a new language, he said, “You should know that the Greek language has two words for time: chronos and kairos. Chronos means time, how we measure time, past, present and future. Kairos means ‘the right time.’”

Read Pastor Tim's complete letter and the rest of the October 2023 OAKNOTES newsletter, including Rev. Lee Nichols "farewell", the 2023 OPC Youth Schedule, adult education opportunities and more...

JuBELLation Ringers
HELP Needed - UPDATE!!

Please read the update in the September 2023 OAKNOTES!

Mark Your Calendars
(more details and other dates/events in
October '23 OAKNOTES)

Regular Worship Service Hours Resumed
Regular full service - 11:00 am; with early service at 8:30 am. See the Weekly Bulletin for an explanation of the services.

Coffee & Conversation

1) Sunday, May 21, 2023 - Our own Rev. Dr. Steve Wilson shared from his 40 years of ministry!

2) Sundays, Sept. 17 through Oct. 8, 2023, 9:30-10:30
Oct. 1 - Rev. Dr. Steve Crocco
Dr. Lou Mitchell
has been deeply interested in C. S. Lewis for the past forty years. He has a Th.D. from Harvard Divinity School. He is the author of Jonathan Edwards on the Experience of Beauty. Dr. Mitchell spent his career... Click the image below for more details!
All are welcome to join us for what should be a stimulating series!



(See prior letters on News & Information page)


Help and Assistance Requests

None at this time!

Of Interest NOW!

Presbyterian Women's Circle - Meet the first Wednesday of each month at 1:30 pm. Starting September 6. See the OPC Church Calendar for future dates.

Chancel Flowers – Please call Carla Lowman at 412-826-5914 to reserve your date; give her the info and wording for the bulletin that week. We appreciate your assistance in enhancing the beauty of our sanctuary!
Available Dates: Oct. 15 and 29; Nov. 5, 12 and 26.

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