Dear Sisters and Brothers In faith,

Please remember in your prayers Jane’s family including her husband, Jim, and their children Zachary, Megan, Dan, and Riley.

With a heavy heart we write to tell you that our sister in Christ, Jane Kinter, died early Saturday morning. Her husband, Jim, and their children were at Jane’s side encouraging her along. 


On January 23, 2019 Jane was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She had surgery on February 4, 2019. In her determination to live for her family she began an aggressive regimen of chemotherapy. One of her great hopes was that she would return to her position at OPC that she loved. 

As a staff member Jane fulfilled her responsibilities with imagination and love. As a colleague in ministry Jane was always a team player who worked for the health and effectiveness of the whole staff team. 


In truth, Jane was much more than the sum of these parts. She was a dear friend and servant of our congregation, a woman of strong faith who loved God and many neighbors. Our profound grief for her passing is only equaled by our thanksgiving for the gift that she has been to so many. 


A memorial service will be scheduled at a later date.  Please remember in your prayers Jane’s family including her husband, Jim, and their children Zachary, Megan, Dan, and Riley.

April 5, 2020   Palm Sunday

Members, Friends and Visitors,                                                                                       March 25, 2020


Concerns over the coronavirus or COVID-19 have increased as the virus has spread. Governor Wolf, the other day issued a formal stay at home order ordering people to stay home or, when in public, to maintain a 6 foot distance from other persons. 


Health experts and government continue to try and slow the spread of the virus so that health systems will not be overwhelmed. While some who are infected may experience only mild flu-like symptoms, those with pre-existing conditions as well as those who are older are at a higher risk for developing serious, life-threatening complications.


Session adopted the recommendation to cancel all church activities including the three recovery groups. The cancellation began March 13, 2020 and will continue through April 30, 2020. We hope to resume our normal activities then, or before.  

In the meantime, we will be streaming spiritual messages and prayers at least weekly.

Continue to consult the website for under "Spiritual Distancing" for the messages..

Consider listening to some interesting podcasts ( from the last 1 ½ years

         of our adult “Coffee and Conversation Series”.   

The FOR THIS TIME (Monday Morning) will also be published more frequently with updates, messages, devotions.


This unprecedented action seeks to protect the health of our faith community and visitors and to slow the spread of the coronavirus among our neighbors.


Please check in with one another by phone, text or email to keep our church family in contact. If you have questions, please call me at the church office 412.828.5770, extension 203.


Yours in Christ,



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