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Given the recent rise in COVID-19 cases, even among vaccinated persons, the OPC Administrative Team has agreed and recommends the following updated guideline for Oakmont Presbyterian Church.

·   Masking will be required of all persons entering the Church and should cover the nose and mouth.


Masks will be available in the sanctuary vestibules. Physically distant seating is available in Friendship Hall adjacent to the sanctuary.

Full details: see News & Information page, August 31, 2021 letter.

Current Worship Service

September 12, 2021 Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

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Administrative Team Letter about Covid surge

August 31, 2021

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

We had hoped that the pandemic was mostly behind us. However, the evolving understanding...

Read the Admin. Team's full letter


Rev. Dr. Wilson's Letter on staffing issues

July 14, 2021

Beloved in Christ,

I write to share with you an update on staffing issues for our church.

Read Rev. Dr. Steve Wilson's full letter


June 21, 2021

Rev. Dr. Ewing accepts another Call

Dear Friends.

We do not know the ways of God, or how God is going to direct us to our ministry. We pray for discernment and that we recognize God’s voice when He speaks...

Read Rev. Dr. Don Ewing's full letter


Rev. Dr. Wilson's Most Recent Covid Update

June 9, 2021

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

King David’s shepherd psalm affirms that the Lord led him to green pastures and still waters where his soul was restored. Given all that we have experienced in the past year...

Read Rev. Dr. Steve Wilson's full letter






September 12th Edition



"From the beginning, God had a plan. God wanted to bless the people of the earth. “How shall I bless all people?” God thought. “I know! I will choose one family to help me..."

  • Listen to the entire story here,

  • Read the story, activities, and prayer to enhance the story time with your children - activities page(s).

  • Coloring page you can access and print.

Below you can find some related music and/or visuals you can use to help explain the weekly ​story to your children.

Current News

Insights into Understanding Scripture


Dr. Tucker Ferda is the Associate Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

Adult Education by Zoom 9:15 a.m.

September 19, 26 & October 3 – Dr. Tucker Ferda

Like it or not, we have all been "trained" in certain ways of reading Scripture. In fact, the very appearance of our Bibles functions to train us in certain habits of reading. This three-week course will reflect on the history not just of biblical interpretation, but how the form of Scripture itself has fueled certain assumptions about what kind of text the Bible is, and hence the kinds of questions that readers may ask of it. Greater awareness of this fascinating history has the benefit of greatly expanding our interpretive horizons in the present.

If you would like to receive a zoom invitation, please email Steve at swilson@oakmontpresby.org.


Are you or someone you know excited to make a difference in children's lives? We are currently looking for Sunday School teachers! This is a perfect opportunity to invest in the young people of the church and raise up a generation in the love and freedom of Jesus!

No experience is needed and the curriculum makes the commitment and planning process very simple and easy. After a couple years of not being able to meet in person, this is a perfect opportunity to invest again in your church community!!

Email Ronnie anytime at r.bailey@oakmontpresby.org

Jane Kinter Memorial Service

June 12, 2021

Music ~1:40, Service at 2 pm

(Live streaming)


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Sept. 3, 2020 Letter from Ronnie Bailey, OPC Education Director for Children & Youth - Read...
Ronnie's Introductory Video Watch


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