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...and thank you for stopping at the Oakmont Presbyterian Church website. This congregation began when the leaders of two strong churches in Oakmont decided to unite in order that, as one congregation, we might more greatly glorify God and bring new blessings on God’s people in this region.

Vibrant worship is the center of our life at OPC and we believe that God addresses us in worship so that we might be received in love and guided by God’s Word. Nurturing faith is our mission to our members. We host many weekly studies, small group opportunities, and special educational speakers. This congregation is a place where people of all ages are encouraged to grow in both their knowledge of and love for God. We strive to answer Jesus’ call to love God with our whole being and to love our neighbors. Therefore, we believe that a mark of true faith is loving service in the world.

We hope and believe that participation in the life of this faith community encourages and empowers people to take God’s healing love into an often broken world. There is a place for you at OPC.

Grace to you,
and Peace,

Steve Wilson



Visitor Parking

 We  have 5 spaces in the  alley, behind the church, designated with signs for visitor parking.

If you are visiting we hope you will take advantage of these spaces.


 Look! We saved you a spot!





7:00 pm - Traditional Candlelight Worship


Dr. Wilson will preach God Said Again  “Let There Be Light!”

based on Isaiah 9:2-7 and Luke 2:1-20 and John 1:1-14.

The Children’s Choir will share in the Ministry of Music.

Childcare provided for the 7:00 pm service.



9:40 pm “The Music of Christmas” – Organist, Michael Frank and

Vocal/instrumental offerings by:

Laura Amos, Tom Haas, Ken Crawford, Diane McNally


10:00 pm Traditional Candlelight and Communion Worship

Dr. Wilson will preach God Said Again “Let There Be Light!”

based on Isaiah 9:2-7 and Luke 2:1-20 and John 1:1-14.

The Chancel Choir and Believe Voices will share in the Ministry of Music.



OPC Addiction Response Team

Addiction negatively affects, and can destroy, the spiritual life of a family. The support of a nurturing community can intervene and then support the process of recovery. To that end, OPC has gathered a team of members (Sam Anderson, Les Leasure, Fred Shields, Jane Kinter and Brad Walters) with wide-ranging experience and expertise in dealing with addiction and navigating the daunting road of recovery. If you, or a loved one, are experiencing difficulties with substance abuse, Sam, Les, Fred, Jane and Brad are ready to hear about your situation, and help you think through what the next right step may be. For more information contact Jane or Brad at 412-828-5770, or via email jkinter@oakmontpresby.org or bwalters@oakmontpresby.org. 


Family Member in the Military?

The Deacons would like to identify OPC family members who are in active military duty in order to connect with them, pray for them, and send notes of encouragement as they protect America.  A bulletin board will be created with a picture, a short biography, and an address for anyone else who might want to write to them.  This address will be updated as the need arises.  Please call Carol Heimerich at 412-242-1028 or heimerichcarol@msn.com to have your family member added to the list.  We will follow up with you.



Check out what's going on at OPC by going to:

OPC's Facebook page, for all the latest news and events

OPC Photo Gallery (courtesy of Doug Crist)


or by downloading the latest copy of Oaknotes, our monthly newsletter:

October, November, December & January



God's Hands at Work

through the

Senior High Youth Group Ministry to the Homeless

You won't find the Senior High Youth Group meeting on Sunday evenings anymore.  You won't even find them meeting in the youth room, on ANY evening, anymore.  The senior highs are meeting every other Saturday, from 11:30-2:00 pm in Pittsburgh, to spend time with people who are homeless.  We gather at the church, head to the streets of downtown, or the North Side, and reach out to those who need it the most.  We hand out socks, bottled water, orange juice, bananas, and granola bars.  But wait.......we don't just hand these items out and walk away - we spend TIME with these folks!

After we hand out the supplies, that we bring, we ask them if we can sit and talk with them for a bit. (The answer has always been a polite "yes".)  The men and women ask the kids questions and vice versa.  I asked one young man, probably in his mid-twenties, if he had any advice for the kids and he said, "Yes, stay in school, stay away from drugs, and as corny as it sounds, listen to your parents and always, ALWAYS eat dinner together as a family."  One young man, looked up from the book he was reading and asked us if we would pray for his 3-year-old son, who was having an MRI.  Yes, we pray with the people, who are homeless, before we leave.  We all join hands, and pray.  The kids, the kids you've commissioned to go out and fulfill the Great Commission, pray with, and for these folks.  We are so blessed by the relationships we are making with these folks...like Steve's sermon a few weeks ago...Blessed to Be a Blessing.

If you would like to support this mission, here are some items that would be helpful as the senior highs continue their ministry with the homeless through this winter:

  • new white tube socks

  • gently-used mens' sweatshirts

  • gently-used mens' sweathpants

  • foot powder

  • travel-size toothbrush & toothpaste

  • deodorant

All of the items above can be given to Jane Kinter.

If you would like to make a monetary donation for us to buy food and drinks, you can write a check out to OPC and put "Youth Homeless Ministry" in the memo.

Please pray for the folks that are homeless, especially as the weather changes.  And the Senior High Youth Group appreciates your prayers as well.



P.S. Check out the pictures on my office door.



Faith Stories, featuring Steve Wilson

A film by Bob Ruefle

Check out the latest in filmmaker Bob Ruefle's series, Faith Stories, featuring various members of OPC sharing their personal experiences of faith, hope and love.








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